Vegatec services in

VEGATEC offers to cosmetics manufacturers, importers or distributors to advise and assist them to comply with regulatory requirements (French, EU, and international regulations). Our mission together with our network of experts is to audit, validate your organization and secure your company against regulatory risks.

Services provided :

  • Registration of your company and facilities with the relevant regulatory authority (AFSSAPS in France)
  • Auditing your organization
  • Product Information File
  • Good Manufacturing practices
  • Cosmetics formulae registration with Anti-Poison centers
  • Recommandations and suggestions
  • Control and monitoring of physical - chemical properties and product safety assessments
  • Furnish external cosmetics regulatory expert to assist you with operations
  • Labelling compliance with regulations

VEGATEC together with its network of experts will assist you to efficiently comply with your clients and regulatory requirements. Our mission and actions are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.


Professionals in food preparation enterprises or food industry are responsible for food hygienic security and are to comply with the regulations. They are responsible for choosing and implementing necessary measures that guaranty food and food ingredients security.

Identification and traceability of food products and food ingredients are mandatory within the framework of these regulations. Food professionals can call upon external experts assistance to help them implement and validate their traceability and labelling systems.

Services provided:

  Hygiene and HACCP consulting, training and implementation
  Food production process auditing
  Recommendation and propositions
  Assistance to prepare your regulatory submissions and sending them to the Food Sanitary Agency.
  Assistance with the approval process with the Agency